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Restaurant Menu

Fully licensed restaurant and function room.
Open 11am-9.30pm, 7 days a week including Bank Holidays.

Special Offers

Buy any four main courses and get a FREE bottle of house wine
~ Eat in, 5:00-8:00pm only.

OAP Special
Small Cod and Chips, bread and butter, with tea or coffee - ONLY £6.40
Small Cod and Chips, bread and butter, with glass of house wine - ONLY £6.80
~ All day, eat in only.

Lunch Special
Small Cod and Chips, bread and butter, with tea or coffee - ONLY £6.40
Small Cod and Chips, bread and butter, with glass of house wine - ONLY £6.80
~ 11:00am - 3:00pm, eat in only.


Crispy Garlic Mushrooms£4.60 Calamari£4.40 Whole Tail Scampi£4.20 Onion Rings£4.10

Main Courses

LargeMediumSmall Cod£9.25£8.25£7.25 Haddock £8.00  Huss £8.00  Plaice £8.00  Calamari £7.50  Whole Tail Scampi £7.90  2 Fish Cakes £5.10  2 Cod Roe £6.50 

All our fish is cooked to order using only the best quality fresh vegetable oil. Served with chips and freshly cut mixed salad.

Grilled Fish

Plaice£7.75 Haddock£7.75 Salmon Steak£7.10 Tuna Steak£7.10

All served with chips and freshly cut mixed salad.

Traditional Dishes

Chicken & Mushroom Pie with Chips£5.95 Steak & Kidney Pie with Chips£5.95 Beef & Onion Pie with Chips£5.95 Sausage, Egg and Chips£4.60 Bacon, Egg and Chips£4.60 Small Sausage (Battered or Plain) with Chips£4.00 Jumbo Sausage (Battered or Plain) with Chips£4.30 Jumbo Saveloy with Chips£4.30 8 Chicken Nuggets with Chips£5.75 1/4 Roast Chicken with Chips£6.60

Vegetarian Dishes

Cheese & Onion Pasty with Chips£5.10 Spring Roll with Chips£5.10 Veggie Burger with Chips£6.20


1/2 lb1/4 lb Beef Burger£6.50£5.50 Cheese Burger£6.75£5.75 Bacon Cheese Burger£7.75£6.75 Bacon Egg Cheese Burger £7.25 Fish Burger (Cod Fillet) £6.00 Chicken Burger £6.10 Chicken Burger with Cheese
and Hash Brown

All served with chips and freshly cut mixed salad.

Kids Meals

Cod & Chips£4.75 Fish Fingers & Chips£4.75 Scampi & Chips£4.75 Sausage (Battered or Plain) & Chips£4.75 Chicken Nuggets & Chips£4.75 Fishcake & Chips£4.75

Served with Orange or Apple Juice.
Kids Meals available to under 12's only.

Side Orders

Mushy Peas£1.55 Mushy Pea Fritter£1.80 Garden Peas£1.55 Baked Beans£1.55 Curry Sauce£1.55 Gravy Sauce£1.55 Cod Roe£2.00 Calamari Rings£4.10 Onion Rings£3.00 Crispy Garlic Mushrooms£3.00 Garlic Mozzarella Sticks£3.75 Cream Cheese Jalepenos£3.75 Chicken Popcorn£3.75 Pickled Onion75p Pickled Gherkin75p Pickled Egg75p Chips£2.80 Cheesy Chips£3.30


Apple Pie£4.20 Double Chocolate Cake£4.20 Lemon Cake£4.20 Sticky Toffee Pudding£4.20

All served with Custard or Cream.

3 scoops of Ice Cream£3.50 Mars Bar in Batter£2.50


Tea£1.70 Decaf Tea£1.70 Coffee£1.90 Decaf Coffee£1.90 Latte£2.00 Cappuccino£2.00 Espresso£1.75 Hot Chocolate£2.10 Mineral Water (Still or Sparkling)£1.50 Cans£1.60 Bottles (500ml)£2.20 Orange or Apple Juice£1.90 Milk Shakes (Strawberry, Chocolate, or Banana)£2.30


House Wine (White, Red or Rosé)£13.00£3.60 White Wine Pinot Grigio£15.60£3.95 Chardonnay£15.60£3.95 White Wine Spritzer £4.20 Red Wine Shiraz£15.95£3.85 Merlot£15.95£3.85 Rosé Wine Pinot Grigio£15.50£3.95 Echo Falls£16.25£3.95 Rosé Wine Spritzer £4.10


Budweiser£3.75 Stella Artois£3.75 Becks£3.75 Fosters£3.75 Magners Cider£3.75 John Smiths£3.75 Ginger Beer£3.75

Credit and Debit Cards Accepted We accept major credit and debit cards.